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Crochet Me Summer 2006 Issue

Saturday, June 24th, 2006

Patterns that caught my eye: Crochet “traveling bags” and a sort of cloche-like hat.

The article on neck laces was inspirational, (provoking some more thoughts about the leaf chain pattern from Fable*Handmade Goods).

Dreaming of the future i read Amy O’Neill Houck’s article about the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival: “The animals that completely captivated me on Sunday were the Angora bunnies. Maybe it’s because they seemed the most domesticated – almost like cats. They sat peacefully on their owners’ laps. They eagerly received pets from children, and they were just so soft. I learned, much to my surprise, that an Angora rabbit is the only animal whose wool can be spun directly off the animal…. Angora wool grows at the breakneck pace of an inch a month. They’re ready for spinning every 3 months. And because the wool just falls off, there’s no need to shear them. The spinner just gently pulls off the clumps. This also saves the bunny from icky hairball problems. So, it’s a win-win.”

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Crochet Project Ideas and Patterns

Sunday, June 18th, 2006

Fable*Handmade Goods sent a newsletter around announcing new patterns at her site. I hadn’t noticed the great leaf chain before.

This seemed like as good a time as any to post this list of ideas that have been slowly accumulating. I’m not sure when i’ll get to them, even though Eliza got me some great superwash brown sheep wool yarn to make toys. The baby blanket really needs some progress!

A Raccoon set:

Adapt the Lion Around nose (dark bridge/top of nose, light surround, black nose tip), use Incognito Me around the eyes and for the hat, and ears from the Kitty Cat Hat.

Bug Mittens: Eliza has a link to the knitting book.. And she has a stash. I now have a stash of decorative bits — enough to embroider bits on — but not so much for making a whole mitten, even for my three year old nephew. (I should just buy yarn for a gift for him, anyhow, and make bug mittens and a critter hat, and critter hats for his ‘rents.)

Slippers: — there’s a comment about adding a jute sole. I thought of that, too! (And making it a pocket, so i can slip in arch support)

Crochet hook bag:

Pigments and a green salt from wine

Saturday, June 17th, 2006

I do find the chemistry and history of pigments to be utterly fascinating.
This compilation provides an interesting summary of preparations, although the liberal number of skulls and crossed bones does make one aware of the beautiful danger of heavy metals.

I found the page while trying to figure out why the wine stopper, with a metallic tip, was accumulating a green salt when left for an extended time over red wine. I would have thought the stopper had stainless steel at the end, so the thought that I’m producing verdigris seems unlikely. Nickel or chrome plate seems plausible, but it’s hard to believe something like Annabergite, a green nickel mineral could be forming so quickly. I suppose i need help from a chemist of everyday things or an alchemist.

Clothing Design

Friday, June 16th, 2006

It’s been some years since i sewed, and a good many years since the clothes were particularly tailored. A Nancy’s Notions email alerted me to the existence of Pattern Masterâ„¢ Boutique, and the whole realm of clothing design software. Cool! And I quickly found a 2002 overview of products. The Cochenille products run on a Mac. They have a graphing program for crochet, and the garment designer will help with sewn *and* knitted garments. I’ve sent a query about adapting it to crochet garment design.

Could this distract me from playing with GIS? Probably not.

…Later that day i received this response from Sonia at Cochenille:

Because a stitch is a stitch if it’s crocheted or knitted – it works just
fine for both. Depending on how much designing you are going to do – you may
want to look at the possibility of buying both Garment Designer and Stitch

Once you design the silhouette in Garment Designer and give it your gauge -
you can then generate a pixel-per-stitch graphic and import it into Stitch
Painter Gold and then design with color or knit and crochet symbols.


Artistamps Season

Saturday, June 10th, 2006

I’ve sent out two more MA2006.02.01.xx: to Deni and to the Paint Rock River Valley Postal Authority (whose artistamps i’ve received this spring).

The returns are coming in fast:

On Wednesday, i received Dr Arcane’s artistic license.

On Thursday, a mailbox full! Cascadia Artpost’s celebration of the past year’s creations, Carla Cryptic’s observation of dual anniversaries, Pine Cone Island’s collection, and Peggy’s card.

And On Friday, postcards from Inka Isles and Ballynafae!

(Reports so far that mine have been received by Isle of Rand and Arnoldia/Pondidia.)

What’s up?

Wednesday, June 7th, 2006

From the Mailbox

On Monday, I received a wonderful shipment of yarn and roving from Brown Sheep Wool Company via Eliza of Modern Gypsy. I’ll get the yarn logged in the yarn palette sooner or later: three bundles of washable wool in some natural colors that i can make critter dolls out of for drooly babies. And the incredibly soft wonderful dreamy roving (wow, i can understand the spinning addiction now) is to stuff the dolls.

Yesterday, i received a return on the collage packs: Penster made two red and black ATC in response. She mailed them in a fun decorated envelope — hmm, little grey kitties? And “Proudly Made in Canada” — and a neat ATC envelope. I’m not sure what template she used, but this one looks useful.

I bet cereal bag liners would make good material for such envelopes!


On Saturday i ended up making a candle from candle ends (which had been sitting around my desk for well over a year). I used a soda bottle as a mold, and it worked out nicely. There are the odd feet to consider , but they’re fine for my purposes. (I’ll probably keep this candle in the hearth.)

Yesterday I came home to a Levenger catalog and noted again the little 3×5 card file folders. More than a dollar each. I cut down a purple file folder to two 3×5 file folders. I have a corner rounder, but the diameter of the rounder is a little large. While i was using the cutter, i finished cutting down the 8×5 cards to more 3×5 s.

That meant i had a stack of 2×5 left over. I decided to perforate the tops of the cards with the cutter and bind them into little notebooks, using the left over file folder material as the cover.

I could swear i’d linked to a perfect binding tutorial, but i can’t find it this morning. Last night i didn’t consult the tutorial but my memory of it. I used inappropriate glue, too. I don’t think i could sell or give these away, knowing that the glue will likely not hold up under wear. It serves to keep the strips around in a convenient form. An experiment. We’ll see where it leads.

Mail Art

I did get my 7th anniversary artistamp mailing out the door on the right day, after almost forgetting. Sixteen out of the twenty MA2006.02.01.xx have been posted. I made extra to send to other mail artists or friends and faily, and i’ll continue with that. I continue to be appalled i forgot to give the stamps a denomination, and that i had such a terrible misspelling. Argh.

Blackspot V2.0

Sunday, June 4th, 2006

I would have never thought i was obsessed about shoes — but the blog proves me wrong. I have my first pair of recycled tire tread shoes, blackspots, through Christine’s affiliation with The shoes are apparently designed by John Fluevog of (Christine and I actually have matching fetishy pairs of heels from Fluevog.)

The shoes seem OK, although my feet react to them as “toe prisons.” I am mildly annoyed that they come pre distressed, with some sort of fake mud brush over the hemp fabric.

If anyone in your life needs a pair of hightops, look into the blackspots.

More Mail Art

Thursday, June 1st, 2006

[Unknown date. Posting with a date in early June 2006, but should research a little more. -- JEB 2007-01-02]

Saturday, two more envelopes arrived: V eye, eye looking out from Fern Post Office’s envelope and the celebration of the triple six date of the seventh anniversary.

Monday was remarkable: nothing in the mailbox but a magazine for Christine and a real estate broker flyer. Hrmph.

By Wednesday, we’d only received Loon Islands post, with (i must note the postal stamp) the oddly perf’ed Canadian stamp, and an interesting introduction to Winggo Nuttella III. Yet the week was so busy, i’ve forgotten when the API’s block of four arrived with the elegantly framed 7 and the dice.

Both the Thursday and Friday post were picked up on the same day: Jenny Groat’s dancing celebration, bufoman’s lovely graphic 7, and seven of vintage stamps, and Glitz Kat’s seven sets of seven.

- What a great idea the bonus ATCs are (but I don’t think I’ll tear them off)