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Wednesday, March 15th, 2006

Already sent the link to the Amigurumi dolls to Laura. Maybe i’ll rip out the green “cat afghan” that is a little not flat and make one of these…. (There’s a Flickr pool if i do.)

The button cover tutorial is a nice inspiration, and maybe i’ll finally get into podcasts.

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The scarf, redesigned.

Tuesday, March 14th, 2006

CR2006.02 weighs 1 oz (~28.3 g) — over half the spool. It’s 10-12 inches long, 6 to 7 inches wide, with irregular width. I’ve scanned an image and ripped it all out.

24 inches by 7 doesn’t make a nice scarf.

I think i want something like 60 x 6. I’d need two more spools, but the quilting store downtown didn’t seem to have a deep selection of this impulse purchase viscose.

So, when we were at the dentist’s office in chi-chi Laurel Heights, i took the lunch break to walk down to Elaine Magnin Needlepoint. (I was actually walking to Three Bags Full, thinking it to be a yarn shop, but it’s a sweater shop.) I ended up buying 22 skeins of DMC #3 pearl cotton ($1.35). Each is roughly 5 g, 15 m (16.4 y). So, roughly 360 yds. The viscose is 136 yds. I think this is my equivalent of two more spools, more or less.

A: 7 green (954)
B: 7 gold-yellow (677)
C: 4 purple (209)
D: 4 gold (676)

What i’m thinking is starting with N*6 stitches wide (to get close to 5.5″), where N is likely 5.

1. In Y6: ch N*6+2
2. In Y6: sc N*6+2
3. In Y6: chain up 3 (counts as 1st stitch) & fasten loop. Fasten in A and tc 3. Skip 3. Fasten in B and tc3. Skip 3. Fasten in C and tc 3. Skip 3. Fasten in A’ and tc 3. Skip 3. Fasten in B’ and tc 3. Skip 3. Fasten in D and tc 3. Skip 3.
4. In Y6: ch or sc across &

1.  ooooooooooooo...o
2.  +++++++++++++...+
3.  8TTT   TTT   ...
4.  o+++ooo+++ooo...F
5.  +++++++++++++...+
6.  8   TTT   TTT...
4'. oooo+++ooo+++...F
5'. +++++++++++++...+

It’s going to take forever but it will be gorgeous.


More bitchin’

Monday, March 13th, 2006

My comments from a month ago about the SFSE boycott over “Stitch ‘n Bitch” are here.

One month later, google result counts are up by 180,000.

Results 1 – 50 of about 1,890,000 for stitch bitch

That’s quite an increase. I figure even statistically significant….

The Girl From Auntie has an update on March 8th, from which i gather the efforts of Sew Fast, Sew Easy are to continue hounding service providers into silencing the small groups.