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What a fun Monday — totally by accident….

Monday, January 30th, 2006


Picked up Roll2005.06 at Wolf. 37 shots of B&W goodness to scan in.
Inspired, and sighting the delicate new moon, ushering in the Year of the Dawg, i loaded Roll2006.01 (OLD film, “07/2002 3715804″, Kodak Select Royal Gold, 24 exp, ISO 200/24° C-41 RB135-24, CAT 129 8041).

I shot three shots: the first two were some thing like 30 second exposures, the third was 1/2 s. I forgotten how to use the timer as well. Ah well.

060201: has a photo like the one i was trying to shoot at swpod2006/31jan06/joye1.jpg. Their write up links to an explanation of earthshine or the “Da Vinci Glow”. It will be a while before i get mine developed….

Mail art — from the Mail Box

Received the Altered Photos ATC swap (LMAO2005.08) from nervousness. Ironic, because Christine (aka greycat) hasn’t received hers, but hers arrived at the swap first — even though they were mailed together. Last out, first in?

Top row L-R: “Shine” from Supersunshine , “neon” from Iowa-art-teacher , “Evolution” ATC #73 . Bottom row L-R: “The Barrens, Co. Clare, Ireland” from Penny Miles, “Wisconsin Trees” by Carl.


Working on the Nord/ette’s blanket (CR2006.04)– have a 3″ square worked “in the round” of mainly hdc with the 2.55mm hook. It’s something like 7 rows. Sometimes i doe the hdc in the back loop and sometimes i don’t creating this occasional ridge. I figured that out this evening and have only done both-loop hdc. It’s not exactly square by stitch count, but i think i have time to straighten that out. If every row adds two stitches at the end (i’ve been doing dc there in contrast to the hdc), i’ll say the next loop should have 18. Sides A & B add two, C adds one, and D none.
        A: 16 st
B: 16 st     D: 18 st
        C: 17 st


⊗ Signing textile creations: A Grumperina tutorial. Requires iron on printer transfer stock and satin ribbon.
⊗ Hundreds of types of Crochet! Noticed in a Crochet Me forum and thought of the collection of stitch references that i began … and which seem to have been a victim of the site move. How odd. (Also, it seems many of the topics and author identities went away.)

Chunky Book Tip-Ins Received

Saturday, January 28th, 2006

I’m the happy recipient of ilovelillies “it’s only love” collage, pgills wonderful abstract watercolors (? ink?) with metallic gel, Lady Majesta’s bloom where you’re planted collage, josie’s Oh La La!, and Barbara’s fabric abstract.

How neat! I’m delighted with the variety.

People who have admitted to receiving a MA2006.CBTI.Jan from me: Mammadoo, PGill, joseta_fugeta….

Ria’s questions about Postal Issuing Authorities

Thursday, January 26th, 2006

In the Non_cents yahoo Group, host Ria asked some questions bout making artistamps. Since i feel still new, but not brand new, i thought i’d answer both sets.

If you have an issuing authority, would you take a few moments to share
how you created your world by answering the following questions:

1. What got you started making artistamps? I wanted to make a special card to celebrate some birthdays and wedding anniversaries. I had to come up with something that i could make with multiple copies easily, and soon i had the idea for a travel brochure trifold. It was clearly inspired by Nick Bantock’s Urgent Second Class.

2. How did you come up with the name for your postal authority? One of the recognizable elements on British stamps in the profile of the monarch, and one of the common elements in early US stamps were profiles of “Founding Fathers.” Profiles i had easy access to were of my cats, so the cats ended up on the stamps first. The name “Grey Cat” came without much thought as our internet domains use “Grey Cat.” I knew how some artistamp artists create whole places, but i didn’t need to do that just for this card…. Some day i may move on to creating a world, but i’ve not gotten there yet.

3. Is your postal authority run by a ficticious character? If yes, how did you come up with the idea for him/her/it?
4. Does your PIA have a catalog or a website?
5. What other things have you created as an expansion to your world? For example, passport books, catalogs, first day issues, sets, etc.

6. Some people design their artistamps starting out with pencil sketches, some draw or collage in their computers using things like Photoshop, some use photographs, some do linocut. What is your design process? The stamps i’ve designed to date have started from my photographs, and then i process in Photoshop. The one exception has been the stamp celebrating the ninth anniversary of our company. That one used a very early logo. I make my cancels with carved wine corks.


Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

Mainly spent time finishing rolling up the denim blue recycled cotton into balls. Yes, balls. As i reflected on how the tedious task was preventing me from taking over the world (not a goal i had in mind until i was on the second snarled skein), i reflected, too, on the Alexandrian solution to knots of all kinds.

I’m not sure i want my crochet to take over Persia and northern India, but here’s to giving it a chance.

Some textual tweaks and additional internal links on the website, too.

Crochet patterns: onion bag and gardening apron

Tuesday, January 24th, 2006

I think one of my biggest disappointments in this crochet thing is the fact that one bundle of yarn doesn’t equal, say, a reasonable sized sweater for me. Particularly as i look at the price of a pound of bamboo yarn.

Now that i have new yarn — but not much — what to make? Bags, i guess.

Last night i found this Onion Bag which is similar to the type shopping bag i’d like to make. No “onion” but, this is the general theory…

Today, following links on the Crochet Me forums to Jennah’s blog, i find her post about this pattern, a gardening apron. It also seems useful and appropriate to a small amount of yarn. It requires two skeins of 236yd/skein worsted weight (4) yarn — 472 yds! Yipes! I’ve only 95 yards of the organic cotton green and 180 yards of the denim blue recycled cotton. I think it’s that i used to sew. One has “only three yards” of something — and you can definitely do something with it. “Only 95 yards….” Only?!?!

Another thing i’m noticing is my immediate tendency to blow off patterns. Look, get an idea, and then — why bother with a pattern? (I recognize i have high expectations for the sweater books i’m buying. I want sweater THEORY. Explain arms, explain couture fitting (although the article in Crochet Me is fabulous) — don’t just give me the recipe.

Much later: I notice (as i spend eternities winding yarn into balls) that the green matches the upholstery on the hassock in the living room. Perhaps a cover for that?



Tuesday, January 24th, 2006

Yesterday i was a bit exhausted from the previous late night with a server outage at work. I did receive some fun stuff in the mail:

* Yarn from Earth Friendly Yarns: two cottons, a bamboo, and a soy. We’re leaning towards the bamboo for the blanket for Nord/ette. Now to choose a color scheme!

* A postcard and form from Pippoboro


Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

I migrated the site a little too quickly to my new hosting provider and new blogging software.

The previous RSS feed is now obsolete. I hope to have a clear notice up in the next few days.

A quiet weekend

Sunday, January 22nd, 2006


Originally uploaded by Elaine with Grey Cats.

* Affixed a block of lemon proof stamps to an envelope of seeds for Ruth & Lise.

* Worked on scanning images from Roll 2005.04. Have 13 negatives left to scan.

* Worked on my bio (i think that should count as creative) and much blog stuff.

* The first crochet project — the crochet tote — looks like a tote now. Two of three narrow sides attached to one large side, the other large side will be attached last. About five inches of the handle done, too.

* Figured out how to set up a temporary rig for hanging a backdrop in the living room, where i can catch the afternoon light for photography. Worked on a second MCM photo that can also be a reference photo for painting that is languishing unfinished.

* Started crocheting the silver curling ribbon.

Crafting ideas — making a pair of shoes with crafted uppers from a purchased pair of shoes:
these boots were made for knitting from If the shoe knits. Now, i’d been imagining buying a shoe insert — because the arch support is my concern, making a sole from layers of hempen twine crochet (the final layer sealed with golden gel medium, perhaps).

Dealing with developed film

Saturday, January 21st, 2006

Lesson 1. The scanner (Epson Perfection 3200 PHOTO) accepts six frames on a strip. Best to initially cut the negatives to six frames each. The first frame does need to be trimmed as close as all the other frames.

I usually use the Silverfast driver, but the recently installed version of Photoshop Elements doesn’t have it in the menu. No problem, i’ll try the Epson driver. Turns out it will automatically recognizes the frames of the 35 mm. So, i reset the driver settings to se what it would do. In “Auto” mode, it thought i had 12 color transparencies. So i switched to pro mode and toggled to b&w film transparencies. It scanned the images in roughly 400 x 300 pixels. I then ran the contact sheet function and produced a fine 8×10 inch sheet.

Lesson 2: For the quick scan of all 12: Black & white film output to 8 bit greyscale, with the “large” thumbnail option, producing 400 x 300 pixel images for contact sheet.

PseudoMonday … runs into a lost week

Friday, January 20th, 2006

Ended up sick most of the week

* Cool jewelry findings called “screen findings” on which one can bead. See a href=””>the vendor Ornamentea. I can imagine Christine doing cross stitch on these!

* picked up Roll2005.04 from Wolf camera and dropped off Roll2005.06.

* Received the Artistamp Album from renmeleon (LMAO2005.07)

* Started Christine’s scarf in the viscose. (CR2006.02)

* Did some crochet at Friday’s debriefing coffee