2006 Calls of Interest

* Dear Diary, box 08262, Chicago, IL 60608, USA; send a diary page. collective DIARY compiled every bunch of entries and documented to all. every 13th diarist will receive free, handmade dear diary for recording innermost thoughts. In IUOMA@yahoogroups 2006-05-01.

* “LAUGHING & SMILING FOR PEACE” …Free size and medium as usual…. Deadline is April Fools Day 2007…. Guido Vermeulen, Vincottestreet 81, B-1030 Brussels, BELGIUM. In IUOMA@yahoogroups, 2006-06-06.

* Just Imagine…(a world without Cancer), fundraiser, All received postcards will be displayed on this website and viewed by approximately 3,000 visitors during the 2006 Deer Trail Studio Tour weekend. (September 30th &
October 1st, 2006). In IUOMA@yahoogroups 2006-06-12.

* Swap box round robin LJ 2006-06-18, sent email indicating interest.

√ 7th Anniversary of Artistamp Mailing List (AML). Post the fourty or so mailings on June 5. These went out as MA2006.02.

* Flash fiction at 365 Tomorrows. From their site.

* http://www.geocities.com/lpmcdg/atc.html: 10 artistamps or ATC, saw in artistamp@yahoogroup 2006-01-08

* http://www.geocities.com/beinanhai2003/projectrolodex.html: rolodex project, saw in artistamp@yahoogroup 2006-01-08

* Positively Postal UK: mail art please! saw in IUOMA@yahoogroup 2006-01-30

* Carla Cryptic, Jenny Hunter Groat, and Ben Mahmoud because of continued heartfelt and thoughtful correspondence in artistamp@yahoogroup around 2006-01-30

* 9 Artistamp ATC monthly swap: Sponsored by Renmeleon, register by the 1st of the month, postmark by the 10th of the month, include three 39 cent US postage stamps or $2.00 in with your cards for returns. In non_cents 2006-02-03

* CD Postcards: sponsored by Serendipityart. Ongoing. In IUOMA@yahoogroups 2006-02-17.

* photocopychunky: sponsored by Nicci. RSS feed 2006-02-13. I did a little work with this, but was too busy around the deadline.

* “Petroleum” theme Stamp Art show: Sponsored by South Seattle Community College. Entries must arrive by May 1, 2006 “Since petroleum is of central concern to the global economy and environment, we have attracted entries worldwide. Catalogue to all participants in June 2006. In Artistamp@yahoogroups 2006-02-04 ) (Andrei Molodkin works in crude oil)

* Pet Stamp Swap, by cynthia of artistamps.com via . Sign up by February 7, 2006. Send a stamp to each participant by 1 March. Saw in artistamp@yahoogroup 2006-01-10 Too many commitments

* 39 Cents and Rising: What is the Mail Worth to You?, from LJ user ruined_map in LJ community mailart. Postcards accepted by 1 May.