2006 Project Catalog

I use catalog IDs to correlate notes in this log with digital images and production files and with things sent out. In 2005 my mail art formats broadened from ATC to include chunky books, faux postage, mailed covers, decorated envelopes, and more. I’ve also started crochet. It became hard to keep track of the different ID schemes, so i’m going to keep a catalog this year.

I also keep track of calls separately last year. This made sense as a way to keep on top of responsibilities. I’ll do the same this year. There will be a project ID if the call is for something other than a coded project and it requires a commitment to participate (Most nervousness projects will be ID’ed).

Mail Art

This year, all mail art will be catalogued with “MA2006.[Code].[Sequence].[Edition]”

“Code” will be used occasionally for particular projects, particularly multi-month projects or themed development that may go through different formats. Code is not required.

“Sequence” enumerates projects in the year unless otherwise defined by the presence of a “Code.”

“Edition” is a alphabetic mark to distinguish replicated versions and may be also noted as a proof.

I’m not sure how to track image elements that become aspects of other works or small works that then get folded into other works. I think about the colorfly combination i came up with late last summer: The postcard required a artistamp that then was used elsewhere. I used variations of the image duplicated on different media for ATC and greeting notes. Would i have had the sense to code all of the pieces colorfly at the beginning? Maybe.

Mail Art Coded Projects

BayATC: revisit of the series i clumsily started in 2004 with a digital photo of the Stevens Creek transition zone and notes about observations of the creek area. Here, “sequence” will be replaced with the date in “yy-mm-dd” form.

CBTI: See Chunky Books Monthly Tip-In Swap & this blog entry. Here, “sequence” will be replaced with the three letter standard abbreviation for the month, and “edition” will number 1-5 of the unique pages.

MCM: photo series. Here, “sequence” will be replaced with the date in “yy-mm-dd” form. There may be edition numbers.

OAP: See Omnibus Artistamps Project at Yahoo Groups. & this blog entry. [Update: 2006-04-15 The project organizer has had some misfortune and is not able to continue work at this time.] Here, “sequence” will be replaced with the three letter standard abbreviation for the month, and “edition” will number any variations of use of the image with the first edition the one submitted to the omnibus project. I can’t imagine having any more time for any other commemorative stamp designs this year, but i may do another set of definitives in the summer and retire the Mr M series.

Other Mail Art Projects

MA2006.01: photocopychunky: sponsored by Nicci. RSS feed 2006-02-13. Never committed to participation although i did do a little starting work.
MA2006.02: 7th Anniversary of Artistamp Mailing List (AML). Post the fourty or so mailings on June 5. Signed up with eepy on 2006-04-29
MA2006.03: Artist Stamp Deco for Rebecca at Nervousness 2006-04-30 “The deco is going out MONDAY MAY 1, 2006.” Eraserquee first. 2006-04-30
MA2006.04: Américas Altered Datebook


CR2006.01: bag
CR2006.02: viscose scarf for Christine
CR2006.03: cat afghan
CR2006.04: baby blanket burp cloth
CR2006.05: baby blanket
CR2006.06: plastic bag tote
CR2006.07: Pauline, an Amigurumi Dude.
CR2006.07: rag rug