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Last day of the year

Saturday, December 31st, 2005

Created MA2006.CBTI.Jan.01: Pine. A photo of a pine tree (probably Christine’s, from the photo drawer), vintage green velvet ribbon with gold back, cut into narrow strips and crocheted around the photo. Slip-stitched to a pale blue card stock margin for binding. Once i scanned it in, i added cork stamping along the card-stock margin in yellow and green.

PIF to “By The Sea,” with an added ATC2005.02.09 and a home-made envelope (greycat & mariposa artistamps). I was very pleased with the orange and purple colors in the stamps and addressing.

Packaged up LMAO2005.09 to send off in a 9years-9lives envelope.

Experimented with crochet and gift ribbon. Single crochet of wire ribbon sliced in half. (I was hoping for an eyelash effect, but i’d need to fringe it even more. Still — it’s a possibility.) Open stitch with curling ribbon. I can imagine making a recycled shopping bag from a collection of ribbon like that. Pretty neat.

Mid-day went to take photographs starting Roll2006.01 (TMX 135-36, 100 speed) through frame 19 at Crittenden trailhead & Crittenden marsh. Experimented with the lightweight tripod, which would fit in the new camera bag. The tripod is too short, too wobbly — more so than the aluminum yard-sale tripod. Fiddlesticks. Christine took some shots through frame 30 at La Avenida.


Saturday, December 31st, 2005

Two nervousness calls, one for Altered Photos (LMAO2005.08) and one for Trees(LMAO2005.09) inspired and informed this creation of photo ATCs. (More ATC will be added up to a total of 16.)

ATC2005.02.01: To be honest, i don’t recall now where this photo was shot. I thought it might be from the rolls we took around Morro Bay, but I don’t see it in the index prints. The technique was inspired by the works of a print artist who incised his works to show a different color underneath. Global Warming I (ATC-AVAILABLE)

ATC2005.02.02: This is one of the photos from the collage drawer. Hard to tell whether it was taken by Christine or I. I’m fairly certain it’s a NC landscape. The color print was so blah that i felt the sky needed a shot of energy. I tried a number of things to color it, roughening the print with an emory board. Finally tried calligraphy ink which gave a midnight blue sky. With a big star over the barn, all that was left was adding the “Last Motel: No Vacancy” sign. (I did add a sign post before mailing the image.) (LMAO2005.08)

ATC2005.02.03: (2005-12-21) The Grand Canyon and a waterfall, woven together, to illustrate the Geologic Truth. The photos were taken by Christine on our 1989 trip around the southwest. (LMAO2005.08)

ATC2005.02.04: a second attempt in the style of ATC2005.02.01. Morro Bay power plant photo taken 2005-11-19, Roll2005.02.07. Global Warming II (LMAO2005.08)

ATC2005.02.05: Christine’s photo of Kathy S’s cat from the mid 1980′s. (Kathy’s mother was cropped out in the making of this ATC.) Tinted with “ZIG PHOTO TWIN MARKERS.” Note the pink nose! (The green eyes amay simply be in my imagination, although i did tint them.) (LMAO2005.08)

ATC2005.02.06: Air show! I suspect this photo is circa early ’90s when Christine lived in Edenton, plus pine trees, also likely by Christine, circa late ’80s. The tissue paper collage is over a lousy attempt to use a transfer technique. (LMAO2005.08)

ATC2005.02.07: Trees I from the photo collage drawer, with a woven accent. (LMAO2005.09)
ATC2005.02.08: Pacific Grove branches from Roll2005.01 (LMAO2005.09)
ATC2005.02.09: Pacific Grove branches from Roll2005.01 (PIF to “By the Sea”)
ATC2005.02.10: Snow & Stone from the photo collage drawer, tiled (LMAO2005.09)


Thursday, December 29th, 2005

A call as a Yahoo Group by Hans van den Berg (tiggerhans).

For the first call, see here and here.

Topic 2: Metamorphosis – series of 3 stamps
Due date: “most likely end [of] March.”
See: msg 49

Topic 1: “Come to your SENSES”
Due date: January 25, 2006
Final stamp size for this first topic: 4.4×2.6 cm

FAQ follows, but not in Q&A format!

– Let us know if you want to design 1 or more stamps.
– How many sheets would you like to order beyond the two you will receive as a creator

– minimum of 600×800 pixels or 945×518 pixels
– if you work on paper first, you should have a size apr. 15×21 cm or easier, half an A4 sheet.

Design requirements:
– Your choice of technique
– horizontal or vertical is up to you
– stamp SHOULD identify your postal ‘authority’
you are encouraged to indicate a value.
– If your text (authority/value) on the stamps will be in black : make sure you use the blackest black there is.

- by email to tiggerhans (see Yahoo Group)

Associated information requested:
- your full name or artistsname
- your hometown and/or country
- your age/gender (optional)
- country of birth if different from country of residence
- short explanation how you came to your design for this topic and which technique you used

Pricing of the final sheets:
We will print 200 sheets, and each person will receive 2 sheets for free. Extra sheets will cost $1 a sheet + postage.

Depending on the number of participants the prices will be as follows:
15 participants: $1 a sheet.
30 participants in a project: the price will be lower namely $0,90 a sheet.

For the minisheets: I have no prices yet.

Albumpages, including cancelation stamp and FDC’s are mailed at the end of the year for FREE but only to those who participate in at least all 6 omnibus stamp projects OR all 6 minisheet projects, or at least a minimum of 6 projects in general.

Altered Dial a Phrase Dater

Thursday, December 29th, 2005

Last year i purchased a dozen dater stamps for a dollar (and with shipping it was still less than $10) on eBay. The last year on the stamp was 2005, so I had all last year to fiddle with them and find uses for them. And now the new year approaches.

I’ve purchased a single dater on eBay for around $12. It will last for six years, so that amortizes nicely. Still, i didn’t feel like replacing the one at work for $12, particularly when i have a stack of perfectly uesful ones except for the small nagging bit about not being able to stamp the year “2006.”

I also had a number of other things around.

Glue, blade, tweezers, cutting mat and a couple of the daters. Note the altered dater on the right.

My first attempt of cutting the last digit of the year into a separate strip while still mounted on the dater failed because i couldn’t wiggle the digit around without breaking the strip.

However, popping the dater apart turned out to be fairly easy. First step was pulling out the knob that turns the phrase. It took wiggling and pulling and some nudging of the date dials to make it pop out, and each time i felt like i wouldn’t be able to repeat the removal, and then suddenly it would be loose. Since the dials all rotate about this piece, i’ll call it the axle.

Exploded view, missing the two dials and two single-digit bands that make up the date of the month.

After pulling out the axle, the metal part at the printing end slips off the two forks. It’s not a correct analogy, but i’ll call that metal strip the platen.

Suddenly, i had a pile of dials and rubber strips and bits of metal.

I tried again to slice the digit part off the year band, changing 2005 to 200 and 5. (These are the crossed bands in the second picture.) I could carefully reassemble the two bands to extend the dater from 2006 to 2009. (More about reassembly later.) This seemed almost anticlimactic and like only a small win.

I thought a bit about it, wondering if there was some similar alteration to do on the phrases. My first attempt was to take the “A” from “ANSWERED,” an “L” from “CANCELLED,” and the “EN” from “ENTERED.” This was possible because each phrase is on a raised bit of rubber. I sliced off the raised bit under the letter. Using the E6000 glue and the tweezers for placement, i put the “A” and “L” in the place of the “EN” to create the phrase “ALTERED.” I also substituted two single digit date bands for the year band so the dater now marks [phrase][n][n][month][n][n]. While a little ambiguous, perhaps, particularly because i date in the ISO ordering with year first, this will allow me to date things to using years ’00 to ’99. It also allows me to date in ISO order (but still with a century “ambiguity”).

I will likely make more alterations. The “NSWE” in “ANSWERED” could be “NEWS.” I’ll keep fiddling.

Reassembly is a little awkward. I found it best to stack the dials and bands, being careful to have them all oriented correctly, then insert the axle through the first side and through all the dials — but not into the final hole. I then slipped the platen in place, pulling the axle out of alignment to give the platen a little room to wiggle. It does NOT slide up the metal side of the fork to snap in place — the platen can’t make the sharp turn to go from side to top.

Once the platen is in place the axle can be wiggled through the final hole. Just like pulling it apart, there’s some little mechanical trick. Here i think it’s pulling down (handle-ward) on the dials while trying to pop the axle through.

Voila! Very fun. Probably even more fun if i were to spend some time with an anagram server.

instructions, diy, how-to, make, altered

Chunky Book Tip-Ins – MA2006.CBTI

Tuesday, December 27th, 2005

A call at Nervousness by Pequad: Five 4″x4″ original pages, open theme, January through June (recommit each month). All media is welcome, provided that you add some sort of hand embellishment to each page.

Pages will be due in my mailbox by the 15th of each month.

* Include, also, $1 + a self addressed mailing label.
* Please send in a padded mailer that I can reuse to mail your returns.
* It would be helpful, but not required, if you would enclose your pages in a ziploc sandwich baggie.

Returns will be mailed on the 20th of each month. (Five pages by others!)

* ORIGINAL work, no copied pages please

* PLEASE leave a 1 1/2″ margin free of thick or dimensional embellishment on the LEFT side of the page, …. A margin of 1/4 inch is required for the actual binding holes, so no embellishment at all AND NOTHING STICKY like glue or mounting tape.

* PLEASE use sturdy paper! … No construction paper, please. …avoid using glue sticks as the adhesive breaks down over time.

* PLEASE do not send sticky pages! …

* PLEASE do not leave your page backs blank!…do add a bit of color (paint, a doodle, a stamped image, a bit of scrapbook paper, etc.) along with your name & any contact info that you want to provide.


New telephoto lens!

Tuesday, December 27th, 2005

Christine indulged me with a new telephoto lens. I shot a couple rolls to get the hang of it.

Roll2005-04: very old film! TMX-36 100 speed B&W Kodak TMAX
Christmas Day and the Day After Christmas road trip (Niles to Sunol to Sunol Regional Wilderness)

I’ll get Wolf to develop these without making prints.

Roll2005-05: Fujicolor Super HQ 200 24 shots (bought in Nov 2005)
Sunol Regional Wildenerss, Camp Ohlone Road to Little Yosemite

Of these, i’ll get prints.

Color Printing

Monday, December 26th, 2005

I’ve had a bit of challenge getting the color right on our HP. I’m hoping this article has good hints, but i think the real issue is making sure i run the cleaning and calibration routines before hand. We use the color printer so rarely….

Handcoloring Photos

Monday, December 26th, 2005

I experimented with hand coloring photos for an ATC call for altered photographs. I tried my own ideas, which didn’t work so well. The best result was using ink which turned a sky to a midnight blue. Well, i figured out a save on that. After a little reading it seemed oil pastels would do the trick. I may need to experiment more, try something like a matte fixative on the image before using the oil pastels. I’m not hopeful. I then looked at this helpful article from Michael’s and promptly drove off to our local store. The kit was over $35, and, to be honest, i have photoshop and tons of other supplies. I’d rather spend $35 on photo paper. The kit also didn’t come with the primer for glossy paper, and there wasn’t any near at hand.

I bought the photo coloring markers that were near, instead.

Call for Circular Things

Sunday, December 11th, 2005

Circular Things mail art project
Circle, hole, point, poem, dot, map, mandala, short letter you can call it as you wish.

The project, started in 1992 and entitled as … circular things, was now reactivated as a daily and non-stop edition in

To participate just send a single 10cm diameter paper circle work by normal mail (please do not send by e-mail because of technical problems).

send to: C├ęsar Figueiredo / apartado 4134 / P-4001-001 Porto / Portugal