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Jennie Hinchcliff

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

I was going through the stack of paper snippets and found a notice for “Jennie Hinchcliff of Bubble and Squeek” and her latest Zine Red Letter Day.

Web searching (not using google today!) lead to a class she has at the SF Center for the Book — going on today:

Faux Postage and Perforations with Jennie Hinchcliff
Tue Nov 29 6:30-9:30pm
$55, materials fee included
Learn the basics of creating faux postage, or artiststamps, from the Center’s mail-art maven. The SFCB’s vintage perforator adds such a realistic touch that your work may fool most people! Everyone goes home with a whole sheet of artiststamps. This class is the perfect compliment to Jennie’s classes on mail art.

It’s nice to know SFCB has a perforator. And here’s her site:

(Not easily found with, regrettably.)

Desultory Results

Sunday, November 20th, 2005

I’ve scanned in the six postcards we bought at the antique store in Morro Bay. Two files: 051120-a-Postcards.jpg and 051120-b-Postcards.jpg .

I was able to quickly select one, select the color of the background, “select similar”, delete [to clear the yellowed background of the card], and the switch to grayscale. Flip horizontal & use the photo package selection, and, viola, a set of samples to transfer with the colorless blender. I did just that to the envelope I’m exchanging back and forth with L. I also used the grey ink i bought in Half Moon Bay a couple weeks ago. Kinda nice.

I used the eyelets to attach a postcard to card stock as the cover page for the scrapbook section on our trip to Morro Bay.

It’s fun to use the toys!

Long’s Drugs did NOT have the photos ready when expected. The do develop black and white film, though.

Film camera revisted

Sunday, November 20th, 2005

Lessons: batteries seem to not last long in storage. Fiddle. That or we went through a new pair pretty quickly. I assume they’ve been sitting in storage since our trip to Mono lake.

From the pool shoot this morning, even though the linear polarizer interferes with the auto focus, i need to keep it. The circular polarizer seemed ineffective on the reflections in the pool.

Fujicolor Super HQ 200, very recently purchased, eight rolls for ~$9.50. Threw our one test roll.

Roll2005-01 Hwy 1: Moss Landing (Christine shot second power plant), Pacific Grove, Nepenthe, sunset at Point Piedras Blancas (Christine), 2005-11-18
Roll2005-02 Morro Rock, 2005-11-19
Roll2005-03 Climbing Black Hill & Morro Bay surrounds, 2005-11-19; pool shoots, 2005-11-20, with polarized filters

Mailer’s Postmark Permit

Tuesday, November 15th, 2005

So i received my first commercial mail from passing my name out to the artistamp community, an alert for a sale at with a “Margie In Black & White -1978″ by W C “Bill” Porter on the cover.

Intriguing customizable rubber stamps including
Mailer’s Postmark Permit Cancels. What’s that? As i read this saga about getting and using the permit the temptation drains away. Really interesting, yes, but i don’t need the hassle. But very tempting. I feel that “Use your right so you don’t loose it” tingle.

Another LMAO

Monday, November 14th, 2005

Altered photos — ATC2005.02 3-5 altered ATC, due 2005-12-31, SASE (prepared)

In other book keeping news, i discovered that i mis-numbered the last postcard i sent out (to Deni_zen with the transfer sample). It should have been FM2005.18 not FM2005.16 as i marked it. I don’t know why i care, but i do.

FM2005.16 is the Dad post card & FM2005.17.01 was the first in a series of random cork stamp assemblages.

Today’s efforts

Saturday, November 12th, 2005

For LMAO2005.07: i’ve printed out a second run of AS2005.02 stamps. I used our bubblejet instead of the deskjet, and the colors are different. Options selected: Under “Quality & Media”- “printing tables and charts.” Under “Color options” – “print type: graphic” I’ve printed three sheets, and this is a new lay out as well. Each sheet has twelve sets of the six denominations.

I’ve done a little more experimenting with the colorless blender transfer technique to create a simple postcard, FM2005.16, for Deni_zen. I did one transfer half on-half off a standard photograph, which seemed to work OK. I didn’t rub any, so there is some spottiness to the transfer. I’ve added cork stamping and glued on a sample of the original laser jet printing to make this a reasonable demo piece for the technique.

I finished up LMAO2005.06 with a pastiche of legislative analyst comments from the past special election.

AMLP #242

Saturday, November 12th, 2005

When i joined the Artistamp mailing list (AML) on Yahoo, i eventually requested a mailing authority number.

Hi Judith,

Very good! Welcome to the group and thanks for coming out!!!

You are now (and forever) AMLP #242. I have added your name and address to the snail mail list and I am attaching a copy of it for you.

Looking forward to seeing some of your works, Judith.

Happy creating!

Bill Porter
The Olathe Poste

Transefer with the colorless blender

Monday, November 7th, 2005

I tried acrylic medium transfers a couple years ago and gave up pretty quickly. I’m not even sure how what toner i tried (ink jet or laser printer) and whether i confused acrylic medium and Mod Podge. [All i recorded: *sigh*]

But, i haven’t cared….

Well, when i was in a craft store last week the sales person showed colorless blenders to me (in response to a question as to whether i could blend my own colors of rubber stamping ink). He also indicated folks were using it to do toner transfers. Well, i dried it with my HP laser printer and — wow! — very effective! It’s probably not as durable as acrylic gel transfers — which i may try again — but it was very effective.

As i reread the instructions i linked to, i realize this marker does require quite a bit of ventilation!

Three more LMAO

Friday, November 4th, 2005

LMAO2005.05: an add & pass i’ve had for a bit
LMAO2005.06: Pastiche: i’ve already made the image collage from campaign materials for the special election on this upcoming Tuesday; next is the text.
LMAO2005.07: Artistamps Album Pages I’ll be using the Mr M definitives and *maybe* a morning glory stamp. Maybe also cork cancels?

Luna’s Memories, Half Moon Bay

Thursday, November 3rd, 2005

Having a little “off” time in Half Moon Bay, i stopped at Luna’s Memories, a well stocked craft and rubber stamping store.

I picked up a colorless blender at the suggestion i could use it to mix my own colors — and with the hint at using it in this transfer technique. (311 from Eberhard Faber)

I also picked up two “shadow inks” — soft grey (sc 132) and soft mauve (sc 145) from Hero Arts.