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Quick transplanting

Monday, March 28th, 2005

The nastrutiums and sunflowers i planted on March 05 along with other seeds have grown large. I’ve moved them into the same planter with the spent narcissus bulbs and budding amaryllis. I’ll need to knock the drainage holes out of that planter sooner or later.

Calligraphic terms

Thursday, March 24th, 2005

Christine asked me what the looping florishing makes are called when they are under a chapter number (as in the book she was reading).

I don’t know for sure, but i did find this list of terms from Medieval and Early Modern manuscripts: Decoration and Illumination. It appears that they’re called flourishes.

Go figure.

Painting yesterday

Sunday, March 13th, 2005

Shelter & Pain

This comes close to the sense i hoped to catch again, the small ATC in series JEB-ATC2003.05.01-07 (See the seven oil pastels).


This is a larger piece. Most of these are on 9 x 12 bristol board. This was on a larger bit of poster board. Thus, no scan but a flash photo with glare.

SWA2005.03 Experiment: Bobby McFerrin

Thursday, March 10th, 2005

Bobby McFerrin

I’m giving this to Christine, who put on the CD for me while i was painting and who likes it so much she says it’s done.

I’m pleased with the translucency. I looked at some Kadinsky this mmornning and recognize i have cyan and magenta where he has red and blue.

Birthday Surprise

Sunday, March 6th, 2005

I’ve been thinking about it, even though work keeps me from acting on it — Christine gave me a FLAX gift certificate to purchase a canvas for above the fireplace and a lovely glass palette* as gifts this year.

Tonight i gessoed four sheets of bristol board and a random squaker of poster board. Theres another prepared gessoed bristol board lurking about, as well. No excuses for not painting after work! I can put the circular palette… maybe in the old palette lock!

* Paragona Art Products color guide palette (TM) with the strange warning: “Clean after each use: if broken with dried paint, glass will break in larger pieces.” Aren’t larger pieces of broken glass better than smaller? [Item number 1212CG]

Studies for DL

Sunday, March 6th, 2005

DL responded so enthusiasticaly to my studies SWA2005.01 , a study of depth, and SWA2005.02, a study of waves, I’ve sent them off to her. See my 2005-02-17 post for more about them.

Study of Depth Study of Waves

Golden acrylics on bristol board prepared with liquitex gesso.

Spring planting

Saturday, March 5th, 2005

Because of my distrust of the SuperSoil (TM) i bought last year, i decided to switch the my planting plans around: twenty peat pellets and nine little peat tubs.

The peat tubs are filled with a mixture of my compost and the supersoil. The peat pellets are from Gardener’s Delight. I think the peat tubs were the same brand.

On to planting notes!

basil [1] basil calendula, lt [2] calendula, dk
sunflower dill statice statice
ancho (3) ancho (3) sunflower celosia
ancho (3) nasturtium (2) coleus (3) coleus (3)
nasturtium (2) catnip cleome marigold (4)

[1] I think it’s too cold for basil, but giving it a try, anyhow.
[2] i separated the calendula seeds into light & dark seeds. I don’t know if that means one plant with darker flowers than the other — but let’s find out!

In the ginger planter, i added seeds for dill & cleome. I sprinkled with hot pepper to discourage squirrels.