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Happy New Year

Friday, December 31st, 2004

We spread supplies out all over the living room floor — papers and ink pads and glue sticks and sealing wax…. On our anniversary we purchased Nick Bantock’s Urgent Second Class, a collection of rubber chop stamps, and a collection of magnetic refrigerator poetry rubber stamps, and ink pads. (We had to go to the mall for our anniversary so i could visit the Apple Store with my sick mac. We made the best of being in the hallowed halls of commerce days before Christmas.)

I carved a pink pearl eraser into a 2005 stamp. I discovered my cache of wine corks and started carving those, too. A circle, a Maltese cross, and two different cats. X got into the collaging spirit, and found my modpodge.

It was a joy. Perfect way to fram our mindset for 2005.

I’m excited about the cork stamps, then i found a photo in someone else’s blog (I want an entire tray filled with inky, dirty cork stamps.) and feel twice as inspired now. Suddenly i’ve tons of ideas….