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Sweet Peas

Sunday, October 31st, 2004

Some weeks ago i was at the dentist’s, leafing through a Sunset magazine. I try not to overindulge in “lifestyle” magazines, but the article on sweet peas seemed to call out for me. These are the URLs referenced in the article:

Enchanting Sweet Peas
Renee’s Garden Seeds
Fragrant Garden Nursery

There was a note about the possibility of buying seedlings. After my poor experience with starting plants from seed this summer, i find the idea of started seedlings attractive. I don’t see information about sweet peas at SummerWinds Nursery or Richters. I suppose i’ll see if i can get to the local nursery sometime this week…..

Sunday card making

Sunday, October 24th, 2004

After getting Powell’s credit as a gift, i felt i had to make a card to balance the unexceptional experience of getting email virtual credit. I got out all my papers, but couldn’t think of anything that popped — until i realized that’s what i wanted: a pop-up card. A blank front, the first page bemoaning “virtual gifts”, and POP!

Saturday’s Beading

Sunday, October 24th, 2004

On Saturday, the obsession escalated. Actually, it was just that i finally got heavy (“3×3″) crimps for the 49 strand soft coated wire. I had some very fine beading wire, but i never seemed to get the crimed beads on tight enough. That was the point of failure for my key card holder and an immediate failure on Friday night with the green and grey necklace.

Not only did i restring the green and grey necklace, but also the blue and gold “key card holder.” I created a focal point from the beads i had bought last February and with the 20 gauge gold plated copper wire. I also restrung the bracelet i’d made for Christine last year (June 2003?). The wires had gotten loose and she had trouble with the toggle clasp. I made my own clasp from the 20 gauge gold wire — but my clastp was longer than the original, so the bracelet is too loose. I’ll eventually restring it for her — AGAIN.

I’ve Rhodonite & Sodalite projects for myself, as well as the ones purchased today from eebeads.

Bead Purchase

Sunday, October 24th, 2004

I spent far too much time at One must buy $20 worth of beads for it to make sense to purcahse anything there. Purchases less than $20 are charged a $5 “small order” fee, while the s/h on $20 is $2.

I bought some wood and bone beads in order to make some jewelry for Christine after our conversation about different materials she might like. The initial impetus was to get some simple black wooden beads to finish the Cinnabar necklace. They had some “twig” beads that begged to be incorporated with pressed glass leaves, despite Christine’s dislike of glass beads. Just a few, as an accent…. From the quantities available, though, it seemed enough for two necklaces.

And then thoughts of Yuletide and birthdays and so on floated through my head….


21005-4 Natural Wood Beads, Strand [16", 4mm] $1.00
21006-4 Brown Wood Beads, Strand [16", 4mm] $1.00
21007-4 Black Wood Beads, Strand [16", 4mm] $1.00
21413 Small Bone & Horn Mix, 1oz $1.75 $1.75

“Nieces” Orange & purple-pink

18737 Orange Bumpy Beads, 10 $0.95 $0.95
18741 Med Purple Bumpy Beads, 10 $0.95 $0.95
24065 Small Pastel Butterflies, 20 $0.45 $0.45

X & gift 2

21001-S SM TWIG BEADS [108, 6mm] $1.30 $1.30
21002 Large Twig Beads, 20 [8mm] $0.50 $1.00
18188 Topaz Pressed Leaves, 20 [14X9mm] $0.80 $0.80
22078-F TOPAZ DRUKS, 4MM, 50 $1.00 $1.00


21406 Lg Red Horn Faceted Rectangles, 6 $1.35 $1.35
21404 Horn Pumpkin Carved Rounds, 10 $1.50 $1.50

J (use with the big matte black Japanese beads)
24054 Frosted Mix Beads, 50 +/- $1.25 $1.25

gift 1
24087 Silver Foil Mix Beads, 20 [var, x2] $1.75 $3.50

Cinnabar Love Crane Necklace

Saturday, October 23rd, 2004

I’m planning a necklace for Christine. She’s decided she would enjoy wood beads, and while surfind around eBay together, she fell in love with a lovely cinnabar bead.

The focal bead is a pair of cranes in an embrace, “a flat teardrop shape that measures 32x32x7mm (1 1/4 x 1 1/4 x 1/4 inches).” I imagine I’ll suspend it from a wire loop. $3.50 ? I’ve placed my bid. From the same dealer, i’ll select my other cinnabar beads so the reds will match.

She likes her necklaces short. No more than 20 inches long = 508 mm.


4 red 7×28 mm tubes “==” : 112mm ($6.75)
6 black 14 mm diamonds “x” : 84 mm ($6.25)
6 red 16 mm floral coins “O” : (2) 32 mm [others for earrings] ($5.50)

Wire Vacation

Saturday, October 23rd, 2004

I took Friday off to relax, and managed to stay away from the computer by making some jewelry.

My first attempt at chaining: 20 gauge silver-plated copper wire and red and black Indian glass beads. The glass beads are from a kit i bought on eBay in summer 2003. My wire-wrapped loops were done by reference to a cheap necklace i bought when i left the Franklin Institute. I am not quite as facile as these instructions suggest.

Something i’ve wanted to experiment with is making a stained glass like effect with Golden’s regular gel (gloss) medium, suitably tinted. The blue looped earings have the acrylic medium suspended by the wire loops. I think i added too much pigment, but the translucency is there. I ordered a jig today and when that arrives i’ll develop some more intricate designs. (The difference between these too earrings helped me appreciate why a jig will be very useful.)

After a visit to the bead shop, i returned to make earrings to match a bracelet I had bought for Christine in Texas a year or so ago. I couldn’t quite find matching beads, but these are close enough — the distance between wrist and ears is far enough to mask the difference. Studying the bracelet led to the structuring technique. A long head pin of 20 gauge wire, then the beads strung on 22 gauge, looped around to make the ring of beads.

When i went to the bead store, i found the antique German glass beads on sale. I bought a strand of elongated tetrahedral green beads and some grey-brown glass disks. I found a pair of lampwork beads that seemed a good complement to the other beads and the earrings were completed last night.

I worked on the matching necklace, but, wehn i handed it to Christine to show off, the cable came loose. Hrmph.

NaNoWriMo – Emma, Calendar

Friday, October 8th, 2004

This year I’m going to do NaNoWriMo. I have no expectation of success, I have just as good an excuse as I had last year (if not even better — crazed project deadlines at work) but what’s the most awful outcome? I only get a few hours worth of writing done towards a story that’s been rattling around in my head?

From a test today, it seems i need twenty four days of writing for at least an hour and a half to meet the 50,000 word goal. I’m dividing the outline into twenty four sections as i want eight “chapters.” Emma has a “hidden calendar game” in which many events correspond to thefolk-festival-church and calendar year. I’ve found that intriguing since reading the novel, and have wanted to write this work around the eight spokes of the wheel of the year.

(As i reread a plot summary, i imagine that my main character will be in some ways an anti-Emma. )