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Research: spacescapes

Monday, June 7th, 2004

I’m doing studies for a painting that involves a spacescape — these links, mostly to NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day should inform the studies. I suppose i’ll turn some of them into ATC if i can figure out how to use acrylic on cardstock without too much warping. Maybe a prep layer of regular gel medium?

I also know that it’s not likely one could see stars and galaxies and a ten-degree view of a Jupiter-like planet all at once — the brightness of the planet would make seeing the stars difficult. I think i don’t care.


Jupiter and “stars”

Galaxies: — in draco


Ioannis Bayeri Rhainani I.C. Uranometria : omnium asterismorum continens schemata, nova methodo delineata, aereis laminis expressa; Plate C The constellation Draco (the Dragon); An edition of the plates only, dated 1603 on title page, but without descriptive text or colophon; therefore this edition was published in 1624 or later.

Creation Information: Date: 1624 People: Johannes Bayer, author
Collection: Part of History of Astronomical Observation
Contributed by Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens. 1151 Oxford Road, San Marino, California, 91108 United States
Object ID: CSHRRB482143PlC

AMICO has several dragon etchings by Antonio Tempesta (Italian, 1555 – 1630).

Quick notes

Tuesday, June 1st, 2004

Added Dukat dill seeds to the planter with the tomato and the planter that will have the Ancho chile. Planted around eight seeds of the Moulin Rouge sunflower in the third round planter, and then added Pacific Beauty calendula. Also added the calendula to the pot with the ginger. I’m sure my Dad would look at the ginger in its current state, two green leafy stalks a couple of feet hight, and think “corn” — at least for a moment.