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JEB-ATC2003.03 More Research

Saturday, October 25th, 2003

I’ve found motivation (aka a deadline) for this edition: Alpaca has a Nervousness swap for Glorified Characters. I did the colored ground (soft pastels rubbed into the paper) some months ago. The technique is from The Calligrapher’s Companion, which is also my source for how to write Carolingian script.

Alpaca is calling for nine (or ten?) cards, so to come up with nine words — the following notes. Actually, between this and the earlier research i’ve twelve words including a large cluster around undulations — waggle, wave, weave.

1. waggle — I’ll do this word in honor of this bit of trivia: Tolkien did research for the OED on words at the beginning of the W section. Apparently, his range was waggle-warlock. All the citations are a bit late for my purposes — the first is given as 1597.

Also 6-7 wagle, 9 Sc. weegle, waigle. [A frequentative of WAG v.; not found before the last decade of the 16th c., but possibly much older. Equivalent formations in Continental Teut. are WFris. waggelje to totter, Du. waggelen to stagger (early mod.Flem. waeghelen, wagghelen; also trans. to shake); (M)LG. waggeln, G. wackeln to stagger, totter (whence prob. Sw. vakla, Da. vakle); Norw., Sw. vagla refl. to rock, sway. Cf. ME. wagre WAGGER v.; also WIGGLE, WIGGLE-WAGGLE vbs.]

Wag points to WAW…

ME. wagge-n, f. root of OE. waian (ME. wae-n) to oscillate, shake: see WAW v.

The noun form of waw is obsolete for wave and has a citation for 1275. The verb form, though, has citations back before 1000.

[OE. wa{asg}ian = MLG. wagen, MDu. waghen (mod.WFlem. wagen), OHG. wagôn (MHG., mod.G. wagen), ON. vaga:OTeut. *wa{asg}{omac}jan, f. *wa{asg}{omac} agitation: see WAW n.1 Cf. WAG v.] 1. intr. To shake, totter, move loosely; to be ready to fall. Only OE. a1000 Riddles iv. 8 (Gr.) Hornsalu wa{asg}ia{edh}, wera wicstede.

2. wave: So, in the word family, i can add wave. The noun form refering to an ocean wave apparently rapidly replaced waw in the early 16th century. Interestingly, the verb form is releated to weave the second verb form of weave (ME: weve)

Also 6 wheave, 7 weive. [Continuation of ME. WEVE.] 1. a. intr. To move repeatedly from side to side; to toss to and fro; to sway the body alternately to one side and the other; to pursue a devious course, thread one’s way amid obstructions. ….

— note the common element of undulations here from waggle to waw to this weve/weave. Back to the first verb form of wave:

OE. wafian (twice, in sense 6), corresp. formally to MHG. (and rare mod.G.) waben (see Grimm s.v. wabben) to wave, undulate; the Teut. root *wa{bbar}- is found in ON. vafe wk. masc. doubt, uncertainty, and in WAVER vb. and the cognates there mentioned; the ablaut-variants *we{bbar}-, *w{aeacu}{bbar}- occur in G. weben to wave, move about (cf. WEAVE v.2, WEVE v.), which, however, is believed to be partly a dial. form of MHG. wêwen (mod.G. wehen) to wave, flutter, etc.; and in ON. váfa to swing, vibrate. It is not always possible to distinguish between this vb. and the obsolete WAIVE v.2; the two approximate or coincide in some of their senses, and in some dialects and periods were identical in sound.]

3. weave
4. warp
5. weft — all noted earlier.
6. web

Forms: 1 web, 1-2 webb, 3 weob, 3-8 webb, 4-5 veb(b, 4-7 webbe, 5-7 webe, 6 wabe, 3- web. Also Sc. and north. 6 vob, wobb(e, 6-9 wob, 7 woob, 8- 9 wab. [OE. web(b neut., corresp. to OFris. web, wob (WFris. web, webbe, NFris. wêb, wäb), OS. webbi (MLG. and LG. webbe), MDu. and Du. webbe, web, OHG. wappi, weppi, webbi (MHG. weppe, webbe) neut., ON. vef-r masc. (genit. vefjar; Da. væv, Sw. väf):OTeut. *wabjo-m, -z, f. *wa- ablaut-var. of *we-: see WEAVE v.1]

Now for something less undulating, unless one thinks of the sund waves we use with the spoken word:

7. word. What a wonderfully fundamental word

Forms: 1- word, 1-6 wurd, (3 wored, woerd, weord, wuord, wort), 3-6 werd, 3 (4-6 Sc.) wourd, (4 wrd, 4-6 worde, wurde, Sc. vord(e, vourd, 5 wor{th} (?)), 4-7 woord (6-7 -e), 5-6 Sc. wird(e. [OE. word str. n. = OFris., OS. word, MDu. wort (Du. woord), OHG., MHG., G. wort, ON. or{edh} (Sw., Da. ord), Goth. waurd:--OTeut. *wurdom:--pre-Teut. *wrdho-; cf. Lith. vadas name, Lett. wàrds word, forename, OPruss. wirds word, OIr. fordat ‘inquiunt’. Indo-Eur. werdh- is generally taken to be a deriv. of wer-, wer-, which appears in Gr. {greek} I shall say {greek}, speaker, L. verbum word, Skr. vratám command, law, etc.

Close, but not related directly
8, 9, 10. wisdom, wise, wit

Forms: 1- wisdom; 3 (Orm.) wissdom, (wistom), 3-5 wysdom, wisdam, 3-7 wisedom, wisdome, 4 wisdame, (wijsdam), 4-6 wysdome, (Sc. visdome), 4-7 wisedome, 5 wisedam, wysdam(e, wysedom, (wijsdom, wysedomme, wiesdom, vysdome, whysdom), 5-6 wysedome, (6 wisdoume, -dum(e, wisz-, wyszdome, 7 Sc. wosdome). [OE. wísdóm = OFris., OS. wîsdôm, MDu. wijsdom, OHG., MHG. wîstuom (G. weistum legal sentence, precedent), ON. vísdómr (Sw., Da. visdom): see WISE a. and -DOM.]

Forms: 1-5 (6 Sc.) wis, 3-5 (6 Sc.) wys, 4-7 wyse, 4- wise; also 3-5 wiis, 4 wiys, wyys, wyese, -esse, weysse, Sc. viss, vyijs, 4-5 wijs, wyes, wiss, 4-5 (6 Sc.) wyss, wice, 4-6 Sc. vyise, 4, 7 wiese, 5 wijse, wies, weise, wiesse, wisse, wysse, vise, vice, viese, Sc. vyis, 5 (6 Sc.) wyis, wyce, vyse, 6 Sc. wisz, wyise, -ice, -iss, vyiss, vyce. [OE. wís = OFris., OS., OHG. (MLG., MDu., MHG.) wîs, (Du. wijs, G. weis in phr. einen weis machen), ON. víss (Sw., Da. vis), Goth. weis (in compounds):OTeut. *wsaz:pre-Teut. *wttos, f. Indo-Eur. weid- (see WIT v.1) + ppl. suffix -to-.

1. Infinitive. .1 1 witan (witenne, -an(n)e, -on(n)e), 2-5 witen, 3-5 wyten, wite, 4-5 wytene, (whyte, wiet), 4-6 wyt(e, wytte, witte, Sc. vit, (1 wiotan, wietan, Northumb. wuta, 3 witene, Orm. witenn, 4 witin, witten, wijt, wyete, Sc. vyt, -e, 5 wiete, whitte), 4-7 witt, 5-6 wytt, 4- wit. .2 4-6 wet, wette, (4 Sc. vet), 5 wetten. . 4-5 wetyn, 4-6 weit(e, 4-7 wete, 5 weten(e, 5-7 weete, (8-9 arch.) weet, (6 arch. weeten). (See also WEET v.1, WOT.)

11, 12 — wax and wane: all noted earlier.

From M Welte

Saturday, October 25th, 2003

envie from Malinda
(Click for the full trade)

Malinda’s Artistamps are beautifully done, so i’ve put her envelope up as the thumbnail (although it’s the reverse side that has one of her Child’s Play stamps).

Malinda’s photos are dynamic and crisp — wonderful portraits and profiles.

I’m actually confused by this swap, because i thought we were just trading three, set up some time back. But are ATC-Hub practices that these 5 for 5 and 9 for 9 swaps go between everyone involved? I did a 5 for 5 trade with CandyPug, but i thought it was just to send five to CandyPug.

Simplybooks’ Photo Trade

Saturday, October 25th, 2003

by Laura Russell (simplybooks)
(Click for the full trade)

These arrived while i was out of town in early October — they’re wonderfull! I enjoyed the chance to have an all-photo trade. Looking at the full set, clockwise from the top left corner:

Tracy Bernhard / BeagleTracy / “Add Cyan?” 2/2
Laura Russel (simplybooks) / September 2003
Window – Old North Church, Boston, 1999 / RSBowman 2003
“Winter Slumber” / pic taken in my backyard! / Monique Prevel / Aug 27, 2003 / aka K9s_n_equines
2 of 2 Set of 6 3 designs / D Powers/ Empress Dragon /

And finally there was simplybooks’s really cool pocket in which she returned our trades.


Wednesday, October 22nd, 2003

I’m Nervous!. And pretty boring. Hopefully i’ll make headway on unearthing my creative life this weekend. Thank you simplybooks for the second.

[EDIT -- ADDITION 2005-10-29] It seems, with nervousness back up (YaY), there’s some issue around memberships?

Survey [Maybe it should be edited...]
What i’m up to

hammerquill 10-06-2003, 07:45 PM
….. I would also like to nominate judielaine who contributed an amazingly different piece to that swap, and whose website alone ought to earn her a nomination if that were allowed…

Simplybooks: 10-20-2003, 08:01 PM
Sorry it’s taken me so long, but I would like to second the nomination of judielaine atc She participated in the Photo ATC swap that I hosted and sent in some terrific ATCs. Loved her work!

Penster 10-22-2003, 12:07 AM
Codes Emailed on October 21, 2003

fakeClonedmonkey [deleted@privacy]
bunnyriviera [deleted@privacy]
judielaine atc
lemur [deleted@privacy]

Slowly coming to the surface

Sunday, October 19th, 2003

I can see the surface of the sea, a glimmering brightness, far above me. I am slowly rising from the depths and hope to be in more correspondence soon.

There were some great ATC waiting for me in the mailbox when i got home, and i have a series of photos — initially ATC, an online gallery, but it will grow into??? — i’m interested in developing….

Oh — and hammerquill nominated me for membership at nervousness. I’m trying to decide if i want to prompt someone into seconding me.